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iPOS Payroll

iPOS Payroll Aloha to iSolved

iPOS Payroll Interface for the Aloha POS system gets the payroll data from your Aloha POS system and prepares it for transfer to iSolved. It's a one button click that's easy, fast and will save you hours of effort each pay period.


Easy to use

It's a one button click to create your pay data that's ready for iSolved. Super easy for the store manager or bookkeeper.


Save time, reduce errors

No more hand keying hours into your pay grid. Save yourself hours of effort each pay period. Accurate entries eliminate manual checks!

Upload Payroll

Aloha POS to iSolved Made Easy

iPOS Payroll is super easy to use. We've automated the process so you don't have to mess with taking an Aloha payroll report and emailing or faxing to your payroll person, or hand keying your payroll data. It's a one button click that's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 Edit/confirm your POS punches & tips (like you do now).

Step 2 Login to iPOS Payroll and click to create the pay data.

Step 3 Upload/Transfer to iSolved.

That's it! Now you're ready to make any further adjustments on the iSolved side.

Pricing plans

Level 3

per month/per location

20+ locations, single configuration model


per month/per location

Full support and implemention

Level 2

per month/per location

10+ locations multi configuration model

Get Started with iPOS Payroll for Aloha to iSolved

Start saving time and reduce payroll errors.

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