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Client Project List

Below is a list of some of our clients and their projects. We can integrate your POS system to your accouting programs, provide web base reporting tools and web based POS storage and reports, automated file transfer tools, elearning applications. We have successfully worked with Micros, Aloha, POSitouch, Squirrel, Comtrex, Panasonic, Sharp and other PC based POS systems.

ADP Canada
Developed a central payroll solution to capture punch info from a multistore client and compute regular and overtime pay to upload into the ADP Canada payroll solution.

National Sports Grill Restaurants
Aloha to QuickBooks interface that creates the general ledger entry from all the stores into their corporate QuickBooks Enterprise company file.

Metrotainment Cafes
Captures all the POS punch data and automatically sends it to the corporate office for importing into their Great Plains payroll program.

Heartland Payment Systems
Created an interface to the Heartland Payroll system for Aloha, Micros and POSitouch.

BJ's Brew House
Interactive training solution to display food school on the POS touchscreen. Addresses the short comings of PowerPoint presentations on the laptop during new store openings.

Duffy's Sports Grill Restaurants
Automated payroll interface that uploads the POS punch info and master employee file info to the corporate office for import into Solomon Accounting.

Schwartz Brothers Restaurant Group
Integration from POS to Great Plains accounting for accounts payable and ADP payroll.

Syberg Restaurant Group
Custom integration for payroll. Uploads POSitouch punch data to the corporate office for import into to their Mangrove payroll program.

TGI Friday's
Interactive training for their POSitouch POS System. eLearning for FOH and BOH staff.

WOW Cafe and Wingery Restaurants
Interface for the Aloha POS system to their corporate office QuickBooks Enterprise. Makes a balanced GL entry into QuickBooks

The Multnoma Athletic Club
Custom accounting integration from Aloha to vanguard accounting system to include ar, sales, and payables.

Pro Sports Club
Custom integration from Aloha to accounting system, completely automated check level detail.

Canyons Restaurants
Full back office integration from Aloha to QuickBooks across GL, AR, AP and Payroll for all locations to the corporate office. Developed Back Office reporting module for enhanced Excel based reports.

Consolidated Restaurants
Full back office integration including AP, Sales, GL, and payroll.

Argosy Cruises
Custom integration from POS into accoutning package. Downloading database files from corporate to boats with no user intervention.

Salty's Restaurants
Integration with comment cards, web site, pos, and accounting.

Gladstones Restaurants
Integration with QuickBooks for the GL and Paychex payroll.

Amerigo Restaurants
Integrated all the stores POSitouch POS system to the Heartland Payroll system.